Second Amendment

    I believe that our second amendment rights are God-given and sacred. I have argued successfully in Senate sub-committees for Constitutional Carry. I’ll continue to fight for those rights as your Senator.


Abortion kills a child and victimizes the mother. I will fight for the right to life, but also to simplify the adoption process and make it more affordable.

Strengthen Idaho Families

I believe that parents and families are the key to our children’s future. Parent’s should have the ability to choose the best options for their children’s education. I’ll fight for school choice and better educational options.

Reduce Taxes and Regulations 

We all know that taxes are over-complicated and expensive and that regulations stifle innovation and growth. I’ll fight to simplify both taxes and regulations. I believe Idaho’s economic challenges can best be solved by removing governmental roadblocks and empowering our people to come up with solutions.

COVID19 and Medical Choice

Medical decisions should be between patients and their doctors. I’ll fight to remove the COVID19 restrictions and ensure that the people have the right to choose whether to take a vaccine or wear masks. I’ll also work to ensure that our personal liberties are protected, no matter what emergencies arise.